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The one of Best Tactical Flashlights – BriteStrike BDRC-HLS LED Flashlight

The one of Best Tactical Flashlights – BriteStrike BDRC-HLS LED Flashlight

The best flashlight can come in various types. They can be tactical flashlights, LED flashlights, battery-less flashlights and the mini flashlight such as the MagLite. It really all depends on what it is you want to use the flashlight for. It seems like a daft […]

Using Blackout Shades to Improve Your Home Environment

Using Blackout Shades to Improve Your Home Environment

It is amazing how much of a difference using blackout shades in your home can make, and for some people they will really help to make the environment within their home much more comfortable to them. The need to be able to block out light during […]

Decorating Styles for the Bath

Decorating Styles for the Bath

Waterproof Shower CurtainsEveryone loves a good shower… they wake you up in the morning and unwind you at night

Our passion is shower heads, and it shows in the products we manufacture. They combine versatility, ease of use and classic clean lines. If you’re looking for an extraordinary shower head, there’s no need to look any further.

Choose your style.…?
Pick something that you’re comfortable with and can enjoy.
Any of these styles work, and combinations can be interesting.
Take a look

Always in style, classic
Colors are neutral
Use decorative items for pops of color, like towels and rugs
Solid surface counter tops, like marble or granite work well
Pick fixtures with clean lines that never look dated
Shower head choice: Captains Quarters or Nautilus

Keep it functional without seeming sterile
Bright or neutral colors are best
Solid surface, tile or laminate counter tops are a good choice
Use fine woods like teak, birch or oak on floors and walls
Chrome hardware gives the perfect contemporary look
Shower head choice: Polaris or Sea Horse

French Country
Refined, delicate and definitely feminine
Soft pastels and small floral patterns work well
Use cabinet finishes that are distressed or pickled
Graceful fixtures with some curves fit in well
Tub and Shower System choice:
Atlantis, its graceful bell shape fits well with this style

Nothing too modern, keep the colors light
Try using lace and floral accessories
Pedestal sinks are a great addition with a claw foot tub of course
Freestanding towel racks and paper holders
Shower choice: Waterfall or
Mermaid with it’s curved shower arm

Mix it up, almost anything goes
Shower head choice: Mariner or First Mate

There are so many shower heads to choose from
There’s sure to be one that fits your style
Also check out tub and shower faucets and entire shower systems

Browse through the site, you’ll like what you see

You choose the Waterproof Shower Curtains …we’ll wrap you in water

Trail running shoes for your travel

Trail running shoes for your travel

A Trail running shoe is not your average outdoor foot apparel.  Most people do not automatically associate jogging and hiking boots together, because they are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to footwear.  When these two diverse styles are brought together, the outcome is […]

Choosing The Best Camping Tent For Your Family

Choosing The Best Camping Tent For Your Family

Hiking and camping are favorite activities for people that love the outdoors. Whether you enjoy camping with your family, one other friend or solo camping it is essential for you to organize your gear before you set out on your expedition. The main item of […]

A Bigger Tent for Family Camping

A Bigger Tent for Family Camping

Are you looking for a fun thing to do with the kids over the summer vacation? Many people love to go camping as a family for several great reasons. It really promotes family together time especially when you are sleeping together in a 5 person tent, or bigger depending on the size of your family.

At a time when televisions, computers and cell phones seem to rule our lives if we let it, this can be a great way to help your children to disconnect for a bit. Also spending time in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to create memories and have good times together.

Big enough for the whole family?

best tents you for your family

One of the first major items that you will need to get ready for your camping adventure is a tent big enough for the whole family. In this article, we will discuss how to find the best tent for your needs and specifically talk about one of our favorite options which are the North Face Dome Tent.

Most tents include the number of people that it holds within the actual name of the tent. Keep in mind though, that although the tent will comfortably hold that many adults, it does not take into consideration additional storage, baggage and additional camping gear that you may need to store in the tent as well. Another option would be to keep all additional items inside of your vehicle and only use the tent for sleeping. In our example, the North Face Dome 5 Tent is meant to be a 5 person tent and would sleep 5 adults with ease.

This may be better suited for families which include 2 adults and 2 children, allowing for a bit of extra space. The added space may be particularly appreciated when you have the occasional dreary day and the children need a place to be able to play cards or a board game without being on top of one another.

When shopping for your family tent, you will want to look for something that is very durable and one that can withstand all sorts of weather. This model, for example, is made of fabric that is waterproof and very sturdy. This specific tent also utilizes a special lift venting design that allows the tent to lift with the wind rather than to bend and risk being thrown about as some cheaper tents may be. This tent will definitely survive nearly any weather condition and it is also popular among serious mountaineers and people who like to hike extensively.

If you have a plan that includes hiking to your camping spot, you will also need to take the weight of your gear into account. This is a definite consideration when hauling 5 person tents as opposed to a 2 person tent because the added material and bulk can make for a much heavier haul when trekking longer distances. The North Face Dome is very lightweight and does come with an easy to use duffle-like storage back for easy packing, so this may be of less concern than with some of the other heavier and bulkier tent options.

We hope that this article helps to provide you with an option for your tent selection. There are many to choose from and searching online will provide a wide variety of options to help you select the best tent for your family.

Happy camping!

Avoid Dehydration When Hiking

Avoid Dehydration When Hiking

Are you new to hiking, mountain biking or other outdoor sports? One thing that you will want to keep in mind as you prepare to start planning for treks and excursions is making sure that you have a sufficient water supply to sustain you for […]

What to Look for in a Hiking GPS Unit

What to Look for in a Hiking GPS Unit

Are you excited to start doing some serious hiking? Gathering your gear and making your checklists are the first step to a successful hiking excursion. Among your gear lists, you may want to include some type of hiking GPS system such as the Garmin 60CSX Handheld GPS […]

Finding the Best Backpack For Your Hiking

Finding the Best Backpack For Your Hiking

The most important piece of equipment that you will need for your hiking trip is your hiking backpack, so you will definitely want to do the research needed to discover the best hiking backpack (you can choose the perfect one for you from this blog).

Best Backpack for hiking

There are many different brands and models to choose from whether you decide to go with a trusted and higher end product, such as the North Face Catalyst 75 model or other brands such as Kelty, Osprey or one of several other companies to choose from. This is probably the most important item you will buy because it will most likely be your biggest gear investment and this is the thing that you will notice the most if you do not choose the best fit for you.

You will want to develop a criterion for yourself that lists the most important features and comforts that you would like in your backpack. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

How much do you want to carry with you on your back?

This is a very important thing to consider because it will play a critical part in the comfort level of your hiking trip as well as the size backpack that you purchase. The pack models typically include a number which is the reference to the amount of weight in liters that the backpack will hold. So for our example here the Catalyst 75 would hold 75 liters worth of gear.  Whenever possible it would be best to go for the least amount that you are actually carrying on your back. You should consider all possible trips and hiking adventures though to be realistic about what your needs could be so that you don’t end up with a pack that is too small for your trip.

backpack for hiking

The most important thing to consider will be the fit of the backpack for your torso. This means that it should be appropriate to your torso height (not your overall height in general) and fit comfortably around your hips. To get your correct torso measurement, you should measure from the most noticeable vertebra protrusion of your upper spine which is your C7 vertebra, to the rear shelf of your hip bones. Many websites that sell backpacks will also have a sizing chart so that you can be sure that you are measuring correctly.

There are a lot of extra features to consider such as ventilation, cushion, opening pockets, pouches and attachment accessories. The fun part is exploring to find one that has all the great little compartments and extra zipper pouches to store your equipment, maps, food, clothes and everything you will need to be ready for a great hiking trip. The North Face Catalyst 75 backpack is an example of a pack that has all the bells and whistles that you will need.

If at all possible, you should try to visit a store where you can spend some time walking around with a backpack that has weight in it so that you can have a realistic feel for what certain amounts of weight will feel like on your back. It is also great to be able to try out different styles and fits to find the one that is best for you.

Summer Fun with the Kids

Summer Fun with the Kids

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to grab the hiking boots and head out for some good trekking adventures! If you have kids, this can be a great way to enjoy some nice summer weekends and assure that the children, as well as yourself, are getting some […]

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Family Tents for Car Camping

Family Tents for Car Camping

Family tents for car camping are perfect for you if a roomy tent is needed or you just want the extra space for comfort. Car camping is the easiest way to get away from your daily grind with a minimum of specialized gear. You do not even need a backpack, unless taking day trips from base camp! A vehicle is your “big pack” for hauling the camping gear. A quality tent, sleeping bag, stove and cooler are pretty much the major specific camping items you will need.

Family tents are designed to be carried in the car, SUV, RV, or even a boat, a backyard camping experience, party for your children, and an absolutely essential piece of equipment during a spousal unity issue with your better half. These family tents can be erected at any campsite, by the road, or your favorite spot in the woods. Family tents can be very roomy, and they can accommodate 11-12 people or more (tight fit). Family and car camping tents usually contain separate rooms or compartments, which will enable you to put the youngsters, in-laws, and friends in their own room for privacy or just for maintaining your sanity. The number of people a tent will accommodate means for sleeping.

Family Camping Tents
Although family tents are generally heavier and bulkier than smaller accommodations, they can be erected without much effort and always easier to disassemble. This makes them a perfect choice for frequent campers who enjoy the added comfort and leisure as new or an addition to your camping gear. Remember though, the size and weight of family tents will not make it easy to tote them around while climbing a mountain or deep in the forest, because they can exceed 40 lbs. This is family camping equipment. Everyone can backpack from base camp.

The numbers and styles of family tents have escalated with their popularity. From the length of the tent to the standing room height, these cabin tents are massive in the tent world. No more achy backs from the stooping movements once you are inside the tent. They are specifically designed to coddle the entire family with the added feature of privacy simply not found in other types of camping tents. While family tents are not designed for the backpackers or everyday move, they are perfect for family retreats into that wonderful, invigorating outdoor experience. So, if you do intend to spend a few days at each spot, and do not mind setting-up a large tent, the family tents or car camping tents are perfect for you.

Camping Tent Styles

Family tents are sometimes referred to as cabin tents, and they are really best used for car camping. You are probably already aware that this is the most popular type of camping today, and you can even move into a luxury family tent for real relaxation. Cabin tents are the perfect tent for families or groups of people who will be camping in the campgrounds of national parks, national forests, private campgrounds, and all of the other established camping sites. These tents can also double for your backyard entertainment. And for that extra privacy, you will not believe this latest addition of the privacy tenticon for showers and other non-public matters.

Family Tents for Car Camping

To summarize the benefits of family or cabin tents, they are for several persons who will be camping in established campgrounds, in comparison to other small, backpacking type or car camping type tents, they have:


Cabin tents are huge. They are the perfect tent choice for families with kids or parties or just for comfort.


The height of cabin tents or family camping tents is generally enough to allow most people to stand straight up. This prevents the necessity of stooping when moving around inside the tent.


Family camping or cabin tents are designed for 3 season use, and perform extremely well in that function. The quality family camping tent can withstand horrible rainstorms (button down the fly and windows), can remain very cool in hot weather (open up the flaps that cover the windows and doors), and by properly erecting the tent it can easily withstand high winds. And even during the rains, the roomy size of cabin or family tents make them perfect places to retreat until the rain stops.


All of these benefits allow maximum comfort for campers. Cots, chairs and tables can used inside these tents, allowing a degree of comfort that is unavailable in smaller backpacking or car camping tents.

Look around a little. Just type the item you want to see and hit enter or click the dropdown menu by brand or category. “Backspace” to return to this page.

There is one other possible tent you could consider when car camping or just for the backyard. A screen house is perfect for family campers and backyard picnics. Yes! … if you want to prepare food and enjoy eating it without the bugs, a screen house is a must.warm and cosy camping tens

Please remember when purchasing your family camping tent, you generally receive quality in direct proportion to what you pay. It is highly recommended for your comfort, safety, and enjoyment that a good quality tent is purchased. You will be thankful for the ease of setup, rainproofing, unbroken zippers, and good flooring. A camping gear checklist will also help you decide what to take on your adventure.